The German metal band from Bochum made it again: DAWN OF DESTINY now release their sixth album. "To Hell" will be in store on 10/02/2015 and therefore something truly powerful rolls towards us.

This piece of art is full of complexity; exceeds all expectations and presents primarily uncluttered, broad-based compositions that carries out the balancing act, not neglecting the necessary basic heavyness in sound at all melodic catchiness.

With "To Hell" the band -existing since 2005- manages a concept album of superlatives.

The exciting story deals with a young couple on their honeymoon. The two are faced in mysterious ways with the past of the bride. A strange tattoo, a supposedly in the fire perished daughter and a certain note that turns out to be a threatening are just a few details to be stretched the threads of the story that finally return to come together. Impatiently the story waits to be tapped by the listener. In each run, the product is able to reveal new insights into the events which put together little by little.

The five Germans offer with "To Hell" a mighty sound-roll that overwhelms the fans. Reinforcement offer illustrious guests in the production as Zak Stevens (Savatage, Circle II Circle) and Björn "Speed" Strid (Soilwork) that sing in two songs.

The band itself describes their work as multifaceted and emotionally, although very guitar-heavy and certainly the best thing they produced until now. With "To Hell" DAWN OF DESTINY have remained true to their roots but understand it anyway to surprise their fans properly again.

Catalog Number: PHP201504
Barcode: 4046661408829
Pricecode: C13

CD with extensive 20-page booklet with the whole story.

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Jens Fabers "TO HELL" presentation on our Youtube channel


01. Hide our sorrow
02. Fire
03. From Paradise
04. To Hell
05. Scream
06. Hateful Heart
07. Burn in the fire
08. Only the Ocean knows
09. Light in the night
10. Then I found you
11. Destroy my world
12. Belief
13. Life
14. Forgive

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