25 YEARS OF ROCK & POWER (DVD/ Double AudioCD )

An AXXIS live DVD will be released on Oct. 9th - but will be available already in advance while on tour exclusively for all visitors of the live gigs.

After the most successful album of the band's history (Kingdom Of The Night II reached number 28 of the Media Control Charts) and a nearly sold-out tour, the sympathetic hardrockers of AXXIS are truely living their dream anno 2015 even more popular and successful than ever.

Lünen - They are definately one of those German rock bands, that have made history and are still doing so: In 2014, the "North Rhine-Westphalia hardrockers" AXXIS celebrated their 25th anniversary.
25 years ago, their successful album "Kingdom Of The Night" filled the music-stores, and is still one of the most important national rock albums!  A success story that currently continues for already a quarter century and now it seems as if the band AXXIS never had been as popular than today. Despite their many years of service, AXXIS never "bogged down" or stopped in development. Contemporary Sound of an "up-to-date-quality" in music and lyrics and a view that goes beyond horizons is the way they are going from the beginning.

Useless to mention that SIX MAGIC was not "a hidden thing" for a long time to them. Founded in 1996, the band around an absolutely beautiful female singer, is one of the most promising musical exports of the South American country."The band caught our attention during a metal festival, which was hosted by our Fanclub-member Nobby. We looked at their performance and were enthusiastic right away, "said Bernhard Weiss. "We quickly realized, that we would like exactly them to be on tour with us."

Also featuring is Guitar newcomer Stefan Weber, who already made his debut during the Full Metal Cruise a few weeks ago and now does his first full tour with AXXIS, which he looks forward to very much. So it´s definitely time now to finally let AXXIS live their dream with "Living The Dream"- AXXIS are currently more successful than ever , having a huge part on the nowadays international rock scene, not only because of their firm and true style, but also for their same time sense of modernity and authenticity, which has the most important role of their career.

format: Double DVD /CD
titel: 25 Years of Rock & Power
release date : October, 9th 2015!

Attention: Before the offical relasedate AXXIS will offer the DVD on tour for all visitors!!


  • DVD play time over 3 hours
  • 2 audio cd's with specialCD Mastering
  • Bonus: Interviews, soundcheck, backstage
  • limited DVD Edition
  • English subtitle

DVD Tracklist:
1. Kingdom of the night II
2. Rolling like thunder
3. Little war
4. Love is like ocean
5. Living in a dream
6. Hall of fame
7. 21 crosses
8. Tales of Glory Island (with Andrè Hilgers)
9. Trash in Tibet ( with Victor Smolski)
10. Drum Solo (with Pitti Hecht)
11. Heaven in paradise
12. Angel of death
Acoustic set:
13. Julia
14. Another day
15. Ships are sailing
16. Touch the rainbow + Drumpart
17. We are the world (with Janni + Lucky / Tri State Corner)
18. Venom
19. The war
20. Take my Hand (with Jeanette Scherff / Dawn of Destiny)
21. Dance with dead (mit Jeanette Scherff )
22. Fire and Ice
23. Heavy rain (with Hannes Braun/Kissin' Dynamite)
24. Heaven in black
25. My Little Princess
26. Little look back
27. Stay don't leave me (with Doro Pesch)
28. Living in a world
29. Kingdom of the night ( with Werner Kleinhans/Ex-AXXIS)
30. Na,Na,Na Kissin' Goodbye ( everybody on stage:-)
Art.-Nr.: PHP201505
Barcode: 4046661411997


Press/ Promotion:

Rosenheim Rocks
Sandra Eichner
Tel.: 08152.3049-898
Rieder Str. 16 – 82211 Herrsching/Germany

AXXIS - Living The Dream Tour 2015

+ special guest: SIX MAGICS (*)
+ opener: Crown of Glory (CG) & Charing Cross (CC)

06.03.15 D–Markneukirchen/Framus & Warwick Music Hall
15.03.15 cZ-Ostrava/Klub Parnik
28.03.15 D-Solingen/Stadtsaal Wald
14.04.15 ES-Full-Metal-Cruise
18.04.15 D-Köln / Cologne Metal Invasion
25.04.15 D-Löffingen-Unadingen/Bürgerhalle
20.06.15 D-Schweiz Festival Locano
11.07.15 D–Nürburgring/Waka Waka Festival
24.07.15 ES-Rockfest
01.08.15 D–Seebronn/Rock of Ages
07.08.15 D–Loreley/Rockfels Open Air
08.08.15 D–Pyras/Pyraser Classic Rock Night
09.09.15 D-Aschaffenburg/Colos-Saal*
10.09.15 CH-Pratteln/Z-7* CG
11.09.15 D-Neuenstadt/Stadthalle*CG
12.09.15 D-Burglengenfeld/VAZ*CG
13.09.15 D-Bruchsal/Fabrik*CG
16.09.15 D-Nürnberg/Hirsch*
17.09.15 D-Augsburg/Spectrum*
18.09.15 D-München/Backstage Halle *CG
19.09.15 D-Burgrieden/Riffelhof *
20.09.15 D-Mörlenbach/Live Music Hall *
24.09.15 D-Wuppertal/Live Club Barmen *
25.09.15 D-Bremen/Aladin * CC
26.09.15 D-Hamburg/Markthalle
27.09.15 D-Berlin/K-17 * CC
01.10.15 D-Siegburg/Kubana * CC
02.10.15 D-Lünen/Lükaz *CC
12.12.15 D-Lüdenscheid mit DORO
19.12.20 D-Karlsruhe /Knockout Festival

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