AXXIS - reDICOver(ed)

AXXIS – Feeling the disco fever: „reDISCOver(ed)“ themselves and the good old times releasing a compliation full of 80es cover versions

German Rock band AXXIS will release the most uncommon album of their carreer end of May. Entitled as „reDISCOver(ed)“, a compilation CD will hit the market which is full of cover versions from classicals out of the 80es.

The variety of songs thereby is huge – from Kraftwerk ´s „Roboter“„Stayin Alive“ by the Bee Gees, „Ma Baker“ by Boney M, „Life Is Life“ by AUstrian Pop group Opus or „My Heart Will Go On“ by Celine Dion everything found its way on the album. Again the record will be released, just like last year ´s DVD, via Phonotraxx Publishing, the band ´s own record label distributed by Soulfood Music.

And the album has something else in common with the DVD – both has been a very spontaneous decision to do something like this at all. „We have often talked about the times in which we grew up and about which music we liked back then“, singer Bernhard Weiss says. „We have a lot of stunning memories to the dicsos, the music programmes on TV as well as the coverbands that are living all this up till today. This all has been leading us to the question – why aren ´t we doing something in pure 80es style? The more we have been talking, the more interesting the idea became to us.“

A little later, 17 cover versions are recorded in the studio. All of them hits from the 80es and late 70es that have one thing in common. They all have influenced the musicians of AXXIS in their early days and have impressed them in some way. There is, for instance, „Owner Of A Lonely Heart“ by Yes or „Message In A Bottle“ by The Police. „Both groups have been our idols back then“, Bernhard tells. „On the other hand we also recorded tracks that have been absolute evergreens and everyone was singing and playing them. Even if you don ´t like some of the songs by heart, they influence you anyway when you get to hear them the whole day.“

The title „reDISCOver(ed)“ has been a very obvious choice. It forms a pun and exists of the words „re(tro)“, „disco“, „discovered“ and „cover“ and summarize everything AXXIS want to do, say and express with this album.

The band from Western Germany not only has discovered the fun in making music completely new, they also have learned to like the business side of the whole thing. „I had to experience about myself that the label work means great fun to me“, Harry Oellers says.

It won ´t be all of the 17 songs being recorded in the studio at the moment that will finally be on the album. A choice will be made during the next weeks. Fans can vote for their favourites via online voting on the band ´s homepage. All tracks that won ´t make their way onto the album will be released digitally throughout the summer.

Next to„reDISCOver(ed)“, two more releases via Phonotraxx are planned for this spring: releases by bands that Bernhard Weiss and his business partner and musician colleague Harry Oellers have signed by themselves.

28.01.2012 NL - Kerkrade The Rock Temple [ German Metal Meeting ]
26.05.2012 D - Schwäbisch Gmünd Crowfield Festival
27.05.2012 D - Epfendorf Rock am Neckar
09.06.2012 CZ - Pilsen Metalfest
14.07.2012 D - Balingen Bang Your Head - Festival
20.07.2012 D - Pförring Open Air
21.07.2012 IT - Sterzing/Vipiteno MC Treffen / (IT)
25.08.2012 D - Bergheim Erftrock Festival [ TICKETS ]
02.11.2012 D - Lünen Lükaz (Tickets bitte rechtzeitig sichern!)

Axxis: reDISCOver(ed)

1. Owner of a lonely heart
2. Ma Baker
3. Stayin' alive
4. Roboter
5. White Wedding
6. Another day in paradise
7. Message in a bottle
8. Locomotive breath
9. Life is life
10. Somebody to love
11. Don’t bring me down
12. My heart will go on
13. I was made for loving you
(Lenght 55:45)


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