Bernhard Weiss - Rock Chansons

Rock Chansons

7th, May 2021

The first solo album by Bernhard, created during the Corona crisis. Puristic and emotional piano pieces with soulful rock vocals. Let yourself be taken into his world of 'Rock Chansons.' By the way, you can order the CD directly from Bernhard and receive a personal dedication and a signed autograph card.

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Bernhard Weiss

His first solo album: Rock Chansons

Marking a distinctive departure from his established musical trajectory, AXXIS frontman Bernhard Weiss is set to unveil his most unconventional album on May 7th, 2020. Departing from the realms of metal, this album, released through Broken Silence, represents a significant evolution in the artist's career.

Luenen - Initiated with the question, "Why not just do the opposite of what you usually do?" Weiss embarked on a musical journey that began as a metal gimmick but has now matured into an avant-garde project. Straying from the typical loud band and robust production, Weiss presents himself solely with a piano, accompanied by lyrics that delve into a realm of heightened emotion and personal expression, distinctly different from his work with AXXIS. The Rock Chansons project encapsulates Weiss's signature style, offering a quieter and more introspective perspective on the past months.

Despite the departure from his accustomed sound, Bernhard's Rock Chansons project has already garnered attention, earning him a scholarship from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. This recognition attests to Weiss's consistent contribution to the creative scene, exemplified not only by his musical endeavors but also by his previous theater project at the State Theater of Swabia.

Reflecting on the origins of the chansons concept, Weiss traces it back to his theater project, acknowledging the influence it had on him. Exploring a new avenue in the absence of guitars, bands, and feedback, Weiss utilized a piano, a departure from his usual acoustic guitar-driven songwriting process. The recording and mixing process posed a novel challenge, allowing for a more spacious and airy arrangement compared to traditional rock production.

Given the predominantly solitary creation process undertaken by Bernhard, the resulting album bears a deeply personal imprint, offering listeners insight into the artist's thoughts and emotions during its conception. Rooted in the experiences of limited social interaction, self-reflection, and unrestricted ideation, Rock Chansons serves as a potential reflection of the collective sentiment during these challenging times.

In essence, Bernhard Weiss's Rock Chansons not only marks a bold departure from his musical roots but also stands as a testament to his artistic versatility, showcasing a more intimate and reflective dimension of his creative prowess.

Bernhard Weiss: Album "ROCK CHANSONS"



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