Dear media partner,
we would like to offer you a special promotion tool called iPOOL to give you full access to our PHONOTRAXX releases.

Feel free to register for free :-) 

What is iPOOL?

First of all: it's for free! :-)
iPOOL is our new promotion pool that allows DJs, radio stations, journalists, and licensees to access all of our Phonotraxx releases. There you will find all artist information like biography, press fotos, music etc.
And - if you want- you can give us a feedback.

How do you become a member of the promotion pool?

To become a member, you need to belong to one (or more) of the following groups:
DJ: If you are a DJ who regularly spins music in the trendiest clubs and discos to entertain the crowd.
Radio station: If you work for a radio station as a radio DJ and/or are involved in creating playlists.
Journalist: If you are a journalist who reviews and reports on the latest music releases for one or several music magazines.
Licensee: If you work for a record company and are constantly seeking new material (e.g., for compilations) as a licensee.

Do you still offer real promotion CDs?

No, we don't! In order to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly in the future, we do not send any promo CD's to our media partner.


No matter what you do, we are here to listen to your music!
We can't say no, so you have nothing to lose!!

So, please send us your demo tape, video link, etc. and tell us why the world has been waiting for you.

We are genuinely excited about your music!!
Please do not attach files, only provide links.

Thank you! :-)


In addition to our publishing activities, we offer composers, copywriters, artists or bands support in all matters relating to music production, e.g .:
- demo material
- promotion
- marketing
- tour handling
- producers and management
- advice on contractual issues
- image concepts etc.


The SOUNDWORXX recording studio is a part of our publishing company and can be used for all upcoming productions.
Thanks to the establishment with the latest digital technology and the consistent expansion of analog technology, the user has the best of both worlds at his disposal.
The studio is rentable for bands, musicians etc. We'd like to invite you to a personal appointment in a relaxed atmosphere.


The main activity of a publisher is the accounting and administration, as well as the international controlling of the GEMA income, which we generate with our clients.
We're always looking forward to find new songwriters, lyricists, artists & bands. We want to help and support them on their musical path.
The mediation and negotiation of record contracts is our main concern.


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