The German metal band from Bochum has done it again: DAWN OF DESTINY is now releasing their sixth album, 'To Hell,' available on 10/02/2015, bringing something truly powerful our way. This piece of art is rich in complexity, surpassing all expectations. It presents primarily uncluttered, broad-based compositions that perform a balancing act, not neglecting the necessary foundational heaviness in sound while maintaining melodic catchiness.

With 'To Hell,' the band, in existence since 2005, has created a concept album of superlatives. The gripping story revolves around a young couple on their honeymoon. They are mysteriously confronted with the bride's past. A strange tattoo, a supposedly perished daughter in the fire, and a certain note that proves to be threatening are just a few details that stretch the threads of the story, ultimately converging. The story impatiently waits to be unraveled by the listener. With each playthrough, the album is capable of revealing new insights into the events, gradually piecing the story together.

The five Germans present 'To Hell' as a mighty sonic roll that overwhelms the fans. They receive reinforcement from illustrious guests in the production, such as Zak Stevens (Savatage, Circle II Circle) and Björn "Speed" Strid (Soilwork), who lend their vocals to two songs. The band describes their work as multifaceted and emotional, though very guitar-heavy, and undoubtedly the best thing they have produced to date. With 'To Hell,' DAWN OF DESTINY has remained true to their roots while still managing to surprise their fans properly once again.

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