release  date April 12, 2024

My Pride

The underground legend is back. With MY PRIDE, a 5-song EP, the people from Wuppertal say hello to their own future. 200 beats per minute - that's how fast the heart of every Regicide musician beats.
Just give it a listen!
If you want to buy a regular 5 song-EP CD write a mail to Regicide band member Sascha Brans/ Tscherno.

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REGICIDE - [Bandbio] Stand: 02/2024

REGICIDE - For many heavy metal fans from Wuppertal and its surroundings, their hearts beat at 200 beats per minute when they hear the name Regicide. Almost 20 years ago, the band played its last concert, but they were never forgotten.

Founded in 1987 by singer Paul Dahlmann, Regicide quickly became a crowd favorite in the local scene with their melodic speed metal sound. Despite setbacks such as the death of guitarist Stefan Janz in 1990 and the subsequent serious illness of drummer Dirk Fittinghoff (who passed away in 2009), Regicide persevered. They achieved regional success, winning awards such as the Cologne Rock Music Prize and the Rock Promotion Prize in Wuppertal. The band's popularity grew in cities like Oberhausen and Velbert, and in the early 90s, they regularly played to packed clubs and opened for bands like Rage, SDI, Grinder, or Living Death.
Although a full-length album was released in 1994 and the band played a few more concerts with changing lineups, when Paul and founding member bassist Rob Schomaker joined Cyberya in 1997, Regicide ceased its activities.

In 2014, the spark of reunion was ignited by an old familiar band and friends from Wuppertal. During a concert by the thrashers at a major festival in Wuppertal, Paul and Rob served as guest musicians, hammering out two Regicide songs together. The joy of many present Regicide fans was unmistakable, as they loudly demanded more - and that was the reason for initially organizing a single reunion concert in early 2016. 

The response was overwhelming, leading to another concert in Wuppertal at the end of 2017, commemorating the band's 30th anniversary. These two sold-out concerts and the emotions and reactions of the musicians and fans alike have prompted the band to write new songs and plan further live performances.

In 2024, the band released their first new EP since 1994, featuring five new songs, with a release show planned. During the recording process, the band emphasized not using drum computers or autotune.

Current band members are Paul Dahlmann (vocals), Rob Schomaker (bass), Christian Dahlmann (guitars), Antoine Saint-Martin (guitars), and Tscherno (drums).

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