Sept. 29th, 2023


The fourth and latest record by THE CRYPTEX titled NIMBUS, releasing on September 29th 2023 via Phonotraxx/Broken Silence, brings you an untamed mix of rock, pop, alternative, metal, art and prog rock. With a surprising and unexpected musical finesse that brings a certain feel of self consciousness. An impressive and overwhelming piece of music.
Reviews: 10/10
Rock Hard Magazin8/10
Rock It Magazine 9/10
Hardline Magazine 7/10
Hellfire 8/10

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New Album „NIMBUS“ of THE CRYPTEX out on September 29th
The Lower Saxony-based progressive rockers, THE CRYPTEX, are set to release their fourth studio album, "Nimbus," on September 29th. It will be released through the PHONOTRAXX label, led by Bernhard Weiss and Harry Oellers (AXXIS), which resumes its label work after a longer period of Corona-induced pause.
"Nimbus" signifies a fresh start in every sense, presenting a surreal and untamed blend of rock, pop, alternative, metal, art, and prog-rock. However, as expected, it confidently stands between genres and delivers one ingenious musical caper after another. "Nimbus" is an original distillation born from the professional fusion of THE CRYPTEX, under the guidance of Simon Moskon, André Jean Henri Mertens, David Silesu, Markus Kleiner, and the Limetree Studios. The listener will recognize the untamed diversity inherent in THE CRYPTEX through compelling tracks like "Somanoid," "Nimbus, "The Day We Will Meet Again," and "Cobra."
Simon Moskon's song lyrics capture a wide, intellectual, analytical, and unfiltered range of emotions, reminding listeners of the complexity of our emotional worlds. They also confront harshly and ruthlessly oneself, the "world," and everything surrounding it, often making one believe that the song revolves solely around "ME ALONE." 

With lines like "Psychonauts are brewing liquor, grim and dark to praise my demons" (from the song "Son of Fortune"), THE CRYPTEX presents the abyss that slumbers within each of us."Nimbus" offers a clear and uncompromising experience, raw and aggressive, brimming with anger, rebellion, despair, tragedy, joy, sorrow, hatred, love, cynicism, openness, and darkness all at once, providing a broad spectrum and multifaceted listening experience.
The album release will be accompanied by a release show on September 29th at Musikzentrum Hannover.
The Band also played on the Progpower Festival in Atlanta (USA)..

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